Ten Common Sportsbook Mistakes

Just like in any situation, there are common courtesies that are overlooked due to the idea that it’s someone else’s job to pick up after you. There is also an idea that you may know more than others, so you should always share your advice, share your enthusiasm, and try to find as much information from others as possible to get a better idea of what’s happening. However, in a Sportsbook setting, these ideas disrupt the flow and environment of the area, and cause some discomfort.

Here are 10 common mistakes that you can keep from making at a Sportsbook:

1. Don’t advise strangers on their bets, unless they ask. Most gamblers are superstitious and don’t want to encounter a mush. A mush, for those of you who don’t know, is someone who always loses. So if they bet on the same team that you’ve bet on, you know you’ve lost. Even if you’ve researched your bet, and are completely sure about yourself and your bet, don’t share your information, because someone might think you’re a mush due to how much information you have, or you might encounter someone who is going to crush your hopes and dreams.

2. For this same reason, you should not ask someone who they are betting on, and how much. This can not only impact your bet, but their bet. If you are betting on a “sure thing“, while everyone else around you is betting on a long shot, you may change your mind once you place your bet, just to find that you’d made the wrong decision. Yes, information is good to have, but don’t do it right before placing your bet.

3. Leave the fantasy sports talk for the home, or a friend’s house. No one wants to hear about your fantasy sports team, and what you need to win, while they are concentrating on the game at hand. Yes, you have your own bets going on, and you have your needs, but the sportsbook is a place for real sports, not fantasy sports. That’s why no one talks about who would make a better quidditch player during a soccer game.

4. Don’t expect to get any free drinks. In the past, placing a bet got you a free drink token. Now? Not so much. A lot of cash needs to be put down before you’ll get any freebies, but you can always ask politely and see what happens. Acting kindly and providing some tips for the waitresses can get you more service, comps, and a pleasant attitude if you play your cards right.

5. Speaking of tipping, please do it if you want good service. Waitresses and people at the ticket counter don’t make squat, but if you share your winnings with them, they may have something nice to give back to you, other than a smile.

6. Use your cellphone when you need to, not just because you can. Yes, you can use your phone for the amazing mobile apps and take a quick call as if you were in a movie theater. But please, don’t talk all day long, shouting over the game, just because you don’t want to take the call elsewhere. There are other people around you who are trying to enjoy the game, and you’re ruining it.

7. Just because you don’t live there, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean up after yourself. There are garbage bins around for a reason, use them. No one wants to spill your leftover Starbucks all over themselves just because you were too lazy to toss it in the trash can. Also, it is very common for people to spend their entire day in the casino, so be sure to put on some deodorant before leaving the house. Heck, how about you just shower before you head out. After all, you’ll be in a crowded area soon enough and smelling everyone who didn’t follow this advise.

8. Don’t let a bad call ruin your life. We all have a time when a ref has made a bad call, or the player was two ant butts away from being able to get that touchdown, but we don’t need to hear about it for our entire lives. When it happens, yes, we all want to rave and cry and howl at the moon. But three weeks later? A year later? A decade later? Just let it go, so we can all move on and be a little less stressed.

9. Don’t aggravate anyone by not being prepared when it’s time to place your bet. This can range from taking forever to place your bet because you weren’t ready with your choices, to throwing a hissy fit because you are trying to get a bet in at the last minute, but the people in front of you are taking their time. Knowing when your game starts, and planning accordingly will save everyone some time and hassle.

10. If you’re not going to use the mobile sportsbook app, use the specified game numbers to place your bet so that ticket taker will know what you’re talking about. The sportsbook provides sheets of paper that contain this information, and it can also be found on betting boards. Use this information to place your bet on your specified team, and include the spread. The ticket taker will know exactly what you are talking about, so there won’t be any confusion.